Goldberg Group

Real Estate Principals

Josh Goldberg, PRINCIPAL

Josh Goldberg has been a real estate investor since 1980. Throughout his career, Josh has successfully negotiated hundreds of real estate transactions. In his early years, he focused on small residential properties. Since then, Josh has purchased and upgraded shopping centers, urban retail properties, office buildings and garden apartment complexes. Over the years, Josh has proven adept at identifying and adding value to underperforming properties. He skillfully repositions his properties by making cost effective upgrades, improving tenant quality and increasing net earnings.

Josh has grown his business through several downturns by correctly reading market conditions and acting decisively. The Goldberg Group portfolio strikes a balance between reliable high earning properties and development opportunities. Always making use of sensible financing, Goldberg Group has experienced steady growth through decades of change.

Josh attributes his success to his deep relationships in the brokerage community based on his reputation for dependability and integrity. Josh incorporates a blend of creativity, tenacity and pragmatism in his deal making as he continues to thrive in the real estate industry.

Deborah Reich, PRINCIPAL

As a principal of Goldberg Group, Deborah manages investor relations, participates in purchase and sales decisions and is head of the management team. Since Deborah joined the company nearly 30 years ago, Goldberg Group has seen steady growth. Recently, Deborah co-founded Guesst, a proptech start-up where she is Chief Development Officer. Prior to Goldberg Group, Deborah was a sales manager and product specialist for Xerox Corporation, where she became the first woman recipient of the President’s Award for innovation in marketing. Deborah is an active board member of several local charitable organizations.

Xan Goldberg, PARTNER

Xan joined Goldberg Group in 2016. His primary role in the company is to generate investment opportunities. Xan negotiates the purchase and sale of properties as well as commercial leases. Xan recently re-directed the company’s efforts toward proptech and fintech startups and is now a co-founder and CFO of Guesst. Before joining Goldberg Group as a partner, Xan worked in alumni fundraising at Hunter College and as a producer of numerous musical events throughout the New York area. He is currently an MBA candidate at the NYU Leonard Stern School of Business.